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Where is your Music? It's Promo time!

Promotional platform for Record Labels, Artists and DJs

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  • Senders and Receivers in one integrated system

    There is only one system for both senders and receivers. You choose your role during registration.

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  • Easy to use Promo campaign builder

    This tool allows you to easily add campaign parameters. Stop whenever you want with this multi-step builder and come back to that point at you convenience.

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  • Landing page with the feedbacks and track's preview

    If you want you can add preview of your release tracks together with the feedbacks from your promo recievers. Share it with your public.

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Mobile devices play a vital role in our daily lives, therefore we don't limit the use of our service to desktop. Built using HTML5/CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap allows you to reach your account with your preferred device.

Real-time reporting

You will be able to quickly see feedbacks, visits, ratings, downloads and many other parameters of your campaigns. As a promo receiver you can manage your favourite genres, labels and your feedbacks.

Free registration, affordable promo prices

Promo receivers use this service for free. As promo sender you can choose whether you want to pay per promo or you prefer a subscription scheme. Different price options, no hidden costs. Change whenever you want (Free of charge in beta phase).

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We are in Beta!

This website is currently in beta phase. We greatly value and appreciate feedback from all users. It will help us to design a better service, and let us know that the final release is optimised to best needs and interests of users.

We reserve the right to change the features and functionality of this service at any time during beta phase without notice to users. This may include permanently disabling previously available or adding new features and functionality.

Users who do not cancel their accounts before the end of beta phase will have their accounts automatically converted to regular accounts for the final release of the service (both senders and receivers).

All promo campaigns are free of charge during beta phase, so don't wait and try us now!

Other Powerful Features

  • Customisable promo skin
  • FTP and Dropbox integration
  • Scheduled sending
  • Unlimited tracks per promo
  • Unlimited receivers per promo

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