Promote Music with Promo-Studio.com

Music promotion with ease!

Promo-Studio.com is a highly customizable music promotion platform for record labels, artists, DJs and all other music promoters. You can register as a promo sender or recipient. As a promo sender you can create your campaigns and send them to your recipients. You need to add your recipients yourself. With our service there is an unlimited number of recipients you can send your promos to included in our standard package. As a recipient you can select which senders you approve or deny access. You get a full record of promos sent to you and your feedbacks.

If you are not sure how our music promotion works, read more here. It will show you a working example  of promo with some free tracks and will give you an idea how you can present your releases.

As a promo sender, you can use our platform completely for free for 7 days following registration. After 7 day trial period our affordable price list applies.


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