Create Promotion Campaign in 8 easy steps

Read how to prepare your promotion campaign for submission.

If you are still not registered with our promotion platform, do it here.

1. Click ‘Campaign Creator’.
2. Choose ‘New Campaign’. Enter Release name.

3. Fill all general settings: artist, catalog, release date, etc. You will not be allowed to proceed if you leave any field empty.

4. Add all your files (mp3/wav). You can upload only mp3’s, only wavs or both types for any track. If you are connected to you Dropbox account or you have already created your FTP account (check in ‘User Settings’) you can upload files from there.

5. Add tracks. Give proper titles and remix names. Allocate proper files to the tracks. You can allocate only mp3 or wav or both types to the track. If only wav file has been chosen, an additional mp3 file will be created automatically when you try to proceed to the next step.

6. Choose logo banner, release cover and background for your promo. Check preview.

7. Select campaign start and end date. Specify whether you want to allow download of the files only after receiving feedback. Let other potential recipients (not included in your lists) find your promo. Choose your recipient list/s.

8. Create landing page (optional) – publicly accessible page, where you can show preview files (max. 2 min. long), description of your release and feedbacks from your recipients. Choose whether you want your release cover to be added to our main page (optional). Check integrity of your campaign. Submit and add to the queue.

If you are interested in other options available in our platform – watch our promotional video

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