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How to promote your music on Promo-Studio.com

Music promotion on Promo-Studio.com can be done in a couple of ways. You can send[...]

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Profile Landing Page

Prepare your Profile Landing Page and show your music to the World!

As a Promo Sender you can create[...]

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The Future for Independent Record Labels? – Back Stage Indie Report

“…What can smaller more nimble labels do to compete with the major labels?”


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Who’s Leading The Streaming Pack?

At MIDiA Research we are currently in the final stages of producing the update to our annual[...]

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5 Fresh Approaches to Promoting Your Music

Self-promotion can often be as challenging as the making the actual music (…and arguably more so.) Once you’ve given yourself the basic set up, what can you do to promote your music with a bit of edge? 1. The ‘Other’ Social Media AccountsSo you’ve already registered your ...Continue readinghttps://www.magneticmag.com/2017/08/5-fresh-approaches-to-promoting-your-music/...

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11 Things Millennial Musicians Just Don’t Get

1) Spotify Plays Don’t Equal Fans I can’t tell you how many artists I see on Spotify with hundreds of thousands or millions of streams, but can’t get even 100 out to their local (or any) shows. Or get anyone to back their crowdfunding campaign. Or support them in any way whatsoever. These listeners are […] The post 11 Things Millennial Musicians Just Don’t Get appeared first on Digital Music News. http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2017/07/27/millennial-musicians/...

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Music Promotion for Artists

If you are still starting out as a musician, a singer or an artist in general, and you want to find[...]

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Music Promotion Promo-Studio.com Promotional Video

Promo-Studio.com – Promotional Video

Check our promotional video showing all main functions of our music promotion platform:

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