User Settings (Recipient)

Music Promotion Help

These are the user settings specific to a promo recipient.

General profile settings

You can set and edit your basic information. Add your website, social medias and description. Specify your professional activities.

User Preferences

Here you can add your favorite genres. This is important if you select the option to be searchable by other senders (Public Profile) or if you want to get promos publicly available.

Promo Delivery Preferences

You can choose how you want to receive the promos and invitations from senders – by email and to internal box or only to your internal box. You can also decide how often you want to receive the promos – every time someone sends it to you or in a cumulative report once a day or in a different time. Choose here whether you want to be included in a public list of promo recipients or get promos based on the genres you specified.

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