User Settings (Sender)

Music Promotion Help

These are the user settings specific to a promo sender.

General profile settings

You can set and edit your basic information. Add your website, social medias and description. Specify your label’s favourite genres and whether you want to be searchable by other potential recipients. Here you can set your profile image, a standard logo/header for your promos and a standard background image for your promos.

Promo Report Preferences

Choose whether you want to get a report by email after your promo campaign end. You can also specify whether you want to get a weekly report by email about all your active promo campaigns.

Profile Landing Page

Use Profile Landing Page as a promotional tool for your records. Show them to the World! You can select this option in the second tab ‘Profile’. At the bottom you can click ‘Update’ and this will allow you to specify properties of your landing page.

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