ARRS00014: Synthaurion - Past Of Eternity

Release Note

Genre: Progressive trance, Uplifting trance
Release title: Past Of Eternity
Artist: Synthaurion
Label: Arkamoria Records
Release date: June 27, 2012
Number of tracks: 2

'Past Of Eternity' is another great release from Synthaurion. Right from the beginning the kicks grab your attention, leading to a catchy arpeggio with subtle hits in the background. The breakdown's spacey lead takes you to a tranquil place, but don't be fooled, the beat still keeps things moving. This track brings a nostalgic electronic music feel to Trance, the leads bring back memories of Tangerine Dream, one of the early great electronic music bands. 'Past Of Eternity' has a surreal spiritual feel, with a groove that moves your soul and body. This is one of Synthaurion's better pieces to date. Lucas Moor's remix of 'Past Of Eternity' has a more uplifting approach. While still retaining the spiritual feel of the track, Lucas gives it a bit more of an aggressive edge. Both versions of this track will definitely keep you entertained for an eternity.

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SynthaurionPast Of Eternity (Original Mix)
SynthaurionPast Of Eternity (Lucas Moor Remix)

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