ARRS00017: Digital Citi_Zen - Tranquility

Release Note

Genre: Progressive trance
Release title: Tranquility
Artist: Digital Citi_Zen
Label: Arkamoria Records
Release date: July 25, 2012
Number of tracks: 1

Arkamoria Records is proud to bring you our first release from the talented artist Digital_Citi_Zen, a track called 'Tranquility'. The track kicks off with a 'pumpin thumpin' bass line that sets the pace for an acoustic roller coaster ride of a driving beat and tranquil breakdowns. This track is full of motion, with the swelling risers, banging percussion, and the melodic plucks. Everything just comes together in a professional manor making this a very enjoyable track to listen to repeatedly. When it's all said and done, the track ends with a burst of speed ending this ride with thrills for everyone.

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Digital Citi_ZenTranquility (Original Mix)

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