ARRS00012: Lucas Moor - Take Me There

Release Note

Genre: Uplifting trance
Release title: Take Me There
Artist: Lucas Moor
Label: Arkamoria Records
Release date: June 13, 2012
Number of tracks: 1

Arkamoria Records is thrilled to bring you our second release from the talented upcoming producer, Lucas Moor. This time we bring you 'Take Me There', sure to be a hit with DJ's around the world. The track starts with a fast driving beat, which takes you to a serene place; the tempo slows down, with beautiful swelling pads, and keys echoing in the distance. Things change gears and once again you are taken to an energetic place where everyone is dancing the night away! The track ends with a pulse pumping rhythm that gets your body moving. This track is a must for any trance mix!

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Lucas MoorTake Me There (Original Mix)

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