ARRS00013: Labrodent - Upload

Release Note

Genre: Electro house
Release title: Upload
Artist: Labrodent
Label: Arkamoria Records
Release date: June 20, 2012
Number of tracks: 1

Driving and yet nostalgic, this release by Arkamoria's own Labrodent provides the listener with a lush surrounding that reminds us just how exquisite the digital age can be. It starts with a sample requesting the listener to open their minds, in order to prepare the listener for this 'Upload' of a digital audio sequence consisting of an epic meld of old and new sounds with beats that gets you moving. A pumping melody that takes you on a audio journey melding old and new sounds with banging drums bring Labrodent's second release a warm welcome.

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LabrodentUpload (Original Mix)

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