ARRS00010: Mind24 - Tracing Symphony

Release Note

Genre: Progressive trance
Release title: Tracing Symphony
Artist: Mind24
Label: Arkamoria Records
Release date: June 6, 2012
Number of tracks: 1

Tracing Symphony by Mind24 starts with big bad beats. The over all tone of this track is mysterious, curious, perhaps even a bit dark. It has an interesting blend of pounding beats, airy delightful stabs, and a hypnotic arp. Mind24 uses effects such as delay in a well crafted manor that give this track a lucid and haunting feel. It combines Progressive Trance with Tech Trance, and seems to have some influence from Electronic Music Pioneer, Jean Michel Jarre. Tracing Symphony is a very unique track, a valued addition to anyone's Trance collection.

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Mind24Tracing Symphony (Original Mix)

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